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TOJO launches latest bearings for food processing industry

TOJO Bearings recently launched a new series of full ceramic bearings, hybrid ceramic bearings and special lubricants specially designed for the food processing and food packaging industries. The most important issues facing the food manufacturing industry today are cost control and food safety. Full ceramic bearings and hybrid ceramic bearings can solve some of these problems. Ceramic balls are more efficient than steel balls because the rolling surface is more perfect and can reduce friction. Switching to ceramic bearings can reduce energy consumption and reduce costs.


Spherical ceramics have twice the Rockwell hardness of steel, making bearings more durable and long-lasting. Boca Bearings' range of all-ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearings are suitable for use in food packaging and food processing and are capable of operating in challenging conditions. Ceramic The material can operate in extreme temperatures, carry heavy loads, and will not corrode or rust when exposed to water, alkalis, or acids.


TOJO Bearings also offers a range of conventional greases, solid greases and dry lubricants approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in food manufacturing machinery. Boca’s unique ultra-dry lubricant (UDL) is a A modified layered composition that adds less than half a micron to any metal substrate, UDL is molecularly bonded to most materials, inorganic, non-toxic, non-corrosive and resistant to most fuels, solvents and acids present in food processing. Be resistant.


In addition, TOJO bearings also provide solid polyethylene grease (LSL) and graphite lubricants. LSL Poly lubricants are available in food grade and non-food grade. They are suitable for continuous operating temperatures up to 93 degrees Celsius (200 degrees Fahrenheit) and can be greatly Extend bearing life. LSL graphite lubricants can be used in extreme operating temperatures from -157 degrees Celsius (-250 degrees Fahrenheit) to 349 degrees Celsius (660 degrees Fahrenheit). Graphite lubricants are insoluble in most organic solutions and will not react with water, steam or chemical flushing. drain.