Our major products include full ceramic bearings, hybrid bearings, plastic bearings, stainless steel bearings, ceramic parts, plastic parts & bearing units.

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High Precision bearings for air condition compressor

TOJO bearings suitable for compressors mainly have the following characteristics:1. Improve performance and prolong service lifeExcellent wear resistance high shock load …

Low noise bearing for CPU fan

The quality of the cooling fan bearing determines and life to a large extent. Therefore, miniature bearings for fans must usually have following properties …

High speed bearing for electric tools

Common electric tools include drills, impact planers, hammers, grinders, wrenches and screwdrivers, etc. All contain high-speed motors, so tool bearings are an …

High Precision bearings for sport equipment

For manufacturers and operators of fitness equipment, lubrication-free means that tedious repeated lubrication is a thing the past, dusty environments will no longer …

Ceramic Bearings for food industry

Bearings are fixed parts in conveying machinery. When other conveyor move relative to each on the shaft, used maintain central position of shaft and control movement called …

High-speed hybrid Bearings for toy car

While ensuring the rapid rotation of bearing, it also reduces resistance and wear other accessories,the smaller resistance, better performance, longer idling time, …

Ceramic bearings for corrosive condition

Bearings can be attacked by exposure to water and moisture, marine climate, various chemicals (gases liquids).In food processing plants, for example, bearings are …

Ceramic bearings for clean condition

Ceramic bearings for clean condition

Ceramic bearings for vacuum condition

In the vacuum of space, outgassing materials condense on optical components such as lenses, solar cells and navigation sensors. semiconductor industry, contamination from …
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